Our furniture: Hundreds of styles, THOUSANDS OF FABRICS

Our furniture can be as individual as you are.

We offer styles to suit any home and stock a range of fabrics and colours to accent your room perfectly. Let us tailor the size to suit your home and configure something that works perfectly in your space.

You can check out a selection of our many beautiful styles below. You will quickly see why our furniture is loved by so many. But it’s only the beginning. Browse our sofas and sectionals and when you find something you like, come into the store and Hans will seamlessly walk you through the whole process.



Choose your style. You can even change the size to suit your needs or change the configuration. Choose your fabric and color.

We’ll even customize your cushions in different fabrics and colors, your stitching, leg style and height, so your sofa is perfect for you and your space.

We will custom manufacture it just for you, right here in California and white glove deliver it right into your home.

Furniture just for you. It’s what we do.

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